FreeCraft Customer Reviews:


Not good

This is bullcrap install it it is not good besides it has to many adds don't install it


But I wish it would be minecraft

So annoying!!!!

It glitches badly, freezes, and runs slow. You need to fix this app to where it won't glitch and freeze at all and will run a little faster.

Needs work

It's awesome but it slow and glitchy plz fix that!!


Did not donlod

Gosh it is downloading!Maybe you guys are right it might be bad.I'm still not sure about the bad guys cause they creep me out!

I sooooooooooooooooooooooooo love it💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Awesome it

Im seeing if it is a good game and if this Minecraft works I love the game minecraft


So much to build even more to explore

Nothing but bad

It glitches and it is very very slow it messes things up And I can't even get rid of the block I want to

Boring I connot make a portal


Are the spiders in this versio?


I love it

What the hell is going on?!?!

Downloads on my own tablet!!


This looks like real Minecraft JUST FROM THE TITLE!!!!!!!!

Thanks for emailing you to the be able to .🏂🏄

Best game ever

The first person was right.This game IS AWESOME the second one is not right!!!😃to the first on. 😠to the second one!


Herobrine was everywhere it was so creepy

I love this game

Love I love it free craft

Nice Creative Game

Nice game it upgrade my Creativity in building


For players:the creator don't listen to your comments they only listen about BUGs ooh its steal on 1.0.0 means they abandoned this game!I wish google add a police security for abandoned games and ignoring developers so there's 0garbage games

Free craft is asome

Wow I don't believe it it's asome


I couldn't get out of the game I was their for 1 year but I'm out #what happend



Its the best minecraft game ever accept minecraft story mode


It is OK but I do not like how it will not install I is OK I gests

Very slow

This game is very slow and I saw herobrien on the first day. Despite me having to kill herobrien with nothing but two sticks and having to try to open the door 100 times it was okay.

Downloading now




You are making cool games! And dont add herobrine there! ★★★★★ stars! :-)

Don't Download

I hate it .its not good for you because you can't mine or move. Don't Download!

Hlo aml


Best game ever

I like to build stuff with out any bad guys

It's awesome!

I love it it's amazing! You should get it trust me you will love it so much! More then anything in the world🎮🎉



When I was building my house it had froze up and whole house was gone

It is a ok game


😑It's pretty nice except for all the glitches. I'm getting tired of it... Five stars for an incredible update.

Teneg ♥balai

Teneg ♥balai